How To Dress For The Best Maternity Dress Photos

You are rocking your baby bump. And you are wanting to make sure that your special time while carrying that bundle will be captured which is why you don’t know what to wear during your maternity photoshoot that you are planning to arrange. You know that you will need to find the best clothes for the maternity shoot so you can look extra amazing and have that memory kept alive for your bundle to look at as well with fascination. This means you will want to go and shop for the best outfits for maternity pictures or if you have them already to get them arranged so you can shine! Let’s go over some maternity photoshoot dress ideas.

Outfits To Wear During Maternity Pictures If you are wondering what to wear for a pregnancy photoshoot, you will want to know of some excellent ideas so you can plan that special picture day well in advance. In fact, you will want to explore the possibilities of what to wear. And the sky is the limit as well. Let’s go over some ideas.


Whether you are looking for the best dress for a maternity photoshoot that is the best color of your choice regardless of the style or any cute maxi dress for maternity photos, there is no right or wrong as it is your decision and your dress. Start with your favorite color. Do you like light pastel colors, then choose a dress that is a light pastel color. Or perhaps if you like black because it is mysterious, then choose a black dress to wear for the shoot.

Maternity Shirt And Pants

If dresses are not your thing but you are unsure of what to wear in maternity pictures, then why not just stick to maternity shirts and pants. You can wear classy maternity jeans and a maternity blouse which is an example of any color. You can make it as stylish as you want or you can choose to wear fancier maternity picture outfits than that as well but take the same idea.

Shoes Or Boots

In addition to wearing the best-suited clothes for a maternity shoot for you are the types of boots or shoes that you plan to wear. That is because that is an important part of any type of pregnancy photoshoot outfits. Think about the style of your shoes or boots that is the best fitting for what you want to wear. Make sure that they are comfortable and safe to wear during pregnancy.

For instance, you will not want to wear high heel shoes if you are taking your maternity shoot in the third trimester. And it is also best to get neutral color shoes or boots such as black, navy, cream, white, or silver as they will go with most of the colors around.


You can add to the style of hat to wear as it is one of the best outfit ideas for a maternity shoot even if you are indoors. It could add style to you if you were to wear an indoor hat. Whatever style of clothing you are wearing will determine the type of hat that is best suited for your shoot. You will want to get the matching color as well to the clothing you are wearing for the shoot.

As you can see that the sky is the limit as far as how to plan different outfits for maternity shoots, but there are other things to consider as well when you are taking any. Is the time of year suitable for taking maternity shoots outdoors? Especially if you plan it on a day that you know in advance that the weather will be clear (however that is not always reliable as the weather predictions can be quite wrong).

Have you considered taking outdoor maternity shoots? There really are so many cute maternity clothes for photoshoots to be taken outdoors. Let’s talk a little more about that right now.

What To Wear For Maternity Photos Outside If you plan to have the shoot take on a day when the weather is just perfect, and if it ends up staying that way, then that will make the experience even more special. That is why there are so many fun options that you will see when it comes to choosing the best outdoor maternity photoshoot clothing ideas. In fact, you can really have so much fun with the planning for it. Let’s talk about some of the best outfits for maternity pictures that can be taken outside.


The best dress for a maternity photoshoot to be taken outdoors is, of course, a sundress. That is quite hot right now when it comes to maternity photos taken these days. You can have the maternity sundress in any style you wish to have as well as color. However, during the spring and summer, it is best to wear light and pastel colors with some light patterns. A black sundress is not ideal however, it also depends on what you really want. A sundress is really one of the best maternity photoshoot dress ideas when you are taking the pictures outside.


Sunglasses most definitely add to the cool touch when you are taking maternity pictures outside. As it is really a must-have as it is the perfect accessory to wear as it adds style to the image. The types of sunglasses will vary as far as what you can wear. You can have very dark sunglasses or those that are somewhat lighter. And the shape and style of sunglasses will also vary on what strikes your fancy. But this is definitely an addition to add to the idea of what to use in the maternity photo outfits.

Straw Hats

You are outdoors and it is very sunny, so that means you will need to be protected and that means wearing a hat will provide you with the protection that you need. Why not make it cool though, especially since it has to go perfectly with the pregnancy outfits for pictures outside. A straw hat is quite appealing especially if it is worn with a light-colored sundress. Just visualising that picture makes you want to save that moment for good. That is the reason you are having these maternity photoshoots anyway!


Last but not least is when you are taking pictures outside, the best shoes to wear are sandals. They are comfortable and safe, but they also look great. And the sandals should be in neutral colors.

Finding what to wear in maternity photos does not have to be a difficult task! With planning and investigating the clothing that is out there, you can take some amazing looking maternity photoshoots!

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