23 wildly inappropriate baby

Whenever the birth of a baby takes place, the joy and happiness of the parents start touching the moon. All-day, they are busy with activities related to the child. They are busy feeding him, playing with him, and looking out for the baby t-shirts or onesies. But most of the time, they might come across a collection of funny baby shirts. The fun can be due to some humorous statement or a funny cartoon. Sometimes, they might also come across inappropriate onesies. The descriptions that can be rude for someone should be totally prohibited. Have you ever seen offensive baby onesies?

Once the traditional baby shower functions are over, the expected mother would be having a massive number of baby onesies that are gifted to young moms by their friends. These baby clothing types have been observed as a center for different kinds of statements. The sentences could be about the hot body of the mother or about the details of the night when the sperm met the egg. At some points, it has been observed that such inappropriate baby clothes cross the limit line. In the next lines of the article, we have listed some of the worst baby outfits lines.

• I drink till I pass out just my Aunt.

It refers to the Aunt that is usually known for her casual and party type behavior, unlike the strict mom who stops the babies from doing anything bad.

• Mommy drinks because I cry.

It seems true to quite an extent. The young infants don’t see any situation or wait for no one before they start crying. The unwanted crying and shouting can cause a headache to the young mother.

• I am a proof that daddy doesn’t shoot blanks.

This is probably one of the most terrible onesies that one could come across. It might look true, but what do you think are the efforts of the father in the baby-making? The only thing he did was probably his most favorite thing to do.

• I tore mommy a new one.

It looks as painful as reality. The young girls could take notes before they plan to marry and make babies.

• My mom says that I am the best mistake ever.

It can be considered as one of the ridiculous baby onesies. The mother seems to curse his child but in good spirits only.

• All mommy wanted to be a back rub.

This is what most of the couples might feel that the sperm met the egg by mistake, but there is no reality in that. Almost 90 percent of the time, the baby-making process is pre-planned.

• Whose boob do I have to suck to get a drink around here?

Well, this is vulgar now. Even though it just seems like a question of a hungry child but still, this is the worst onesie that could be printed on a shirt.

 I totally wrecked a vagina.

Another one of the vulgar statements is here. You might have noticed a pattern that all these statements are true yet inappropriate. Such a sentence should not be printed on a baby shirt by any means.

• I love boobies just like daddy.

A bit humorous but definitely not a statement for a baby shirt, this is the one that should be deleted from the internet history.

 I am here because mommy does not swallow.

Now you see a double meaning quote. Referring to the process of baby-making and according to the onesie, the results could be different if the mother had swallowed that night. You might comprehend the statement according to your understanding.

• Watch your language asshole, I am a baby.

This is funny to some extent. On the one hand, the baby is trying to teach the person to stray in limits while at the same time, he is using a prohibited word.

 I am with the MILF.

Moms should be proud of the hardships they faced while giving birth to the baby, but there is no need to boast of the hotness. It seems totally inappropriate.

 I am the proof that my DAD sucks at Pulling out.

The statement again has double meanings in it and surely does not need any further explanation.

• My dad is a mother fucker.

HA HA HA. The truth has been spoken.

• Will suck for milk.

The baby is ready to sacrifice everything to fill his tummy. He is even ready to suck on something.

• You eat with a blanket over your head.

What do you mean by eating here? Search out by yourself as at least I am not going to explain the eating for you.

• Bad Mother Sucker

Referring to one of the most famous abusive words of all time, this one might sound funny to a few of us. It’s actually more humorous than we think if we throw light on the proposed meaning.

• I am cute, Mom is hot, and dad is drunk.

That sounds like an honest statement.

• Don’t look at me. That smell is coming from daddy.

This one is a cute little banter for the father.

• It’s kinky only for the first time.

That sounds suspicious. But I don’t have an idea about what they are talking about.

• I look like the postman.

Well, that’s a direct attack on the sincerity of the mother. Is the meaning the same as I am thinking?

 My daddy poked me in the head, and I came out.

Talking about funny baby shirts, this banter might be ranked at the very top.

 I cannot recall the last night. I only remember sucking on a pair of titties.

This statement can only be seen on the front of the stupid baby clothes. It may seem funny to some extent, but it is inappropriate to be printed on a baby shirt.

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