How to Change a Baby Diaper? Ultimate Guide

How to Change A Diaper

If you are a parent, then changing your baby’s diaper would undoubtedly be not your favorite part of the day, but you still have to do it no matter how much you hate it. Changing your baby’s diaper is a necessary part of the baby’s care as it prevents your baby from having rashes and keeps the bottom comfortable. So, if you don’t know how to change a diaper, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it. So, without any further due, let’s get to it. 

How to differentiate between a wet and a dry diaper? 

If you have a newborn, knowing when to change the diaper is not any rocket science. The baby itself gives many clues while he is pooping; look out for mumble faces or grimaces. If your baby does not make these weird faces while pooping, then you will get to know that it’s time to change the diaper as soon as he finishes the mess, thanks to the very unpleasant odor that will spread around. 

To know if the baby peed, look out for the wetness of the diaper. If it does not feel wet from the outside, chances that he peed still remain. So, it is better to take a quick look inside the diaper. 

Refrain from changing the diaper when the baby is sleeping unless or until he is very wet or uncomfortable because of a poopy diaper. At night, it is better to change the diaper before you put him to sleep. 

Before Changing a Diaper 

Before you jump into the changing process, make sure you have the following things nearby. 

Diapers: When you are about to change the diapers, have a couple of spare diapers by your side. 

Clean and safe place: when you are changing your baby’s diapers, it is essential to place the baby at a place that is safe and comfortable (usually a bed).  

Some Clean or Soft Cloth to Wipe: The skin of a newly born baby is very soft and sensitive; wiping it with warm water and a cotton ball is best in such cases. But if you have a few months old baby, baby wipes would do fine. 

New Clothes: New clothes are not necessarily needed at every change, however, if the diaper has leaked, then you are definitely going to need them. 

Diaper Cream or Ointment: If your baby has rashes, then don’t forget to apply something for its remedy. 

Emergency Kit: If you encounter a messy blowout, it is convenient to have a new pair of clothes, diapers, and wiping cloths to get things under control. 

How to Change A Diaper: Step-By-Step? 

Following is a step by step guide for a diaper change. No matter if you use a disposable diaper or a cloth, these basic steps will remain the same. 

Wash your hands. Before you start changing your baby’s diapers, it is essential that you wash your hands first and then grab everything that you are going to need. 

Lay down your baby on a clean and safe surface. You need a flat surface where you can put the baby and start the changing process. For this, a crib or a bed will work perfectly. Try to cover the surface with a soft protective cloth. Now it is crucial to keep one hand on the baby all the time, even when your baby can’t even roll over. Keep everything that is needed at an arm’s length. 

Unfasten the diaper and clean the baby. Hold the baby gently from the legs and pull the bottom-up from the surface. If the diaper is just wet, fold it underneath the baby’s bottom and slide it away from the baby. If the diaper is poopy, try to wipe the bottoms with the lower half of the diaper before folding it. Once you are done with the removal of the diaper, now is the time to wipe the baby with a clean and soft cloth. 

  • Girl: If you are cleaning a girl, make sure you go from the front to the back in order to prevent her from getting any infection. Rigorously wipe the whole area to ensure the prevention of a rash. 
  • Boy: If you are cleaning a boy, always be ready to tackle an unexpected fountain of pee. You can cover the penis to avoid the pee reaching your face and clothes. Thoroughly clean around the scrotum and penis. When you are about to fasten the diaper, make sure his penis is pointed downwards to minimize the leaks. 

Place a new Diaper. Now once you are done with the cleaning, it’s time to wrap a brand-new diaper. Gently lift the baby’s bottom upward and slide the new diaper; make sure the tabs are on the side and underneath the baby’s bottom.  

Apply Ointment or Diaper Cream. Once you have placed the diaper under the baby’s bottom with the tabs on the side, now is the time to apply any ointment or cream prescribed by the doctors for rashes. The reason why you need to apply lotions or cream after you have placed the diaper is the fact that you won’t have to clean the changing surface after the diaper change. 

Buckle up the Diaper. Now that you have applied the ointments and creams, you are all set to wrap the diaper close. For this, pull the front up over the belly of the baby and pull the tabs till they get attached to the sticky surface. 

Get rid of the diaper. For this, roll the diaper into a ball, and fasten the tabs all the around it. Throw it in a diaper bin or trash can; make sure that the diaper is tightly wrapped with no openings. 

Wash your hands. After you have placed the new diaper, now is the time to wash your hands, and then you are done with the diaper change. 

In this article, we have told step by step on how to change a diaper. We hope this article was helpful to you. Make sure to wash your hands before and after a diaper change. Always keep one hand on the baby, to hold him in the place. Don’t use any cream or ointment without a doctor’s prescription. 

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