How to Burp a Baby? Ultimate Guide

How to Burp A Baby 

During feeding, your baby might take a little air in his stomach as well, which can make him fussy or cranky during or after feeding. All this gas can make your baby uncomfortable, and he might wake up in pain. So, you need to burp him after the feed. Some children are gassier than the others, so not every baby requires to be burped, but it is better to take precaution, because you would not want to see your baby uncomfortable, especially when he is asleep. In this article, we are going to tell you about how to burp a baby and why do you need to do it. So, without any further do, let’s get to it.   

Why Burp A Baby and When?   

Usually, the newborns are not much experts in drinking milk, so there is quite a good chance that they will get some air stored in their stomach. This air can really upset them, but they cannot speak, right? Obviously, they will start crying, and you would definitely not want this. So, getting this air out of the belly is an essential part of the breastfeeding process.   

Now when to burp a baby? Answer to this question is straight forward, do it during the feed and after the feed. You can look for clues that you baby needs burping; during a feed, he will stop and start squirming, or simply start crying. However, if he does not do this, but he frequently wakes up after feed, then this is also a sign that he needs to burp. Now let us learn how to burp a baby. 

How to Burp A Baby?   

When you are feeding your baby, chances of falling asleep rises significantly. The reason is that as soon as their tummy gets full, they become relaxed and contended, so chances of sleep drive increase. The chances even rise more at night, when the sleep drive is the strongest. And when he sleeps while feeding, you must let him burp before putting him in his crib.   

When he is sleeping, you need to maneuver in such a way that he remains asleep. The following are some ways by which you can make him burp. And if you can burp him in the sleep, then burping while he is awake would not be a problem for you. So, let’s go through some of the burping position for newborns.  

On Your Shoulder  

After you are done feeding your baby, gently move him upwards with the baby touching your shoulder. If your baby is sleeping, you need to be extra gentle while moving him upward. The pressure put by the shoulder on his tummy will help in releasing the gas. You can gently pat and rub his back while his belly is against your shoulder. To protect your clothes, place a piece of cloth over your shoulder in case the baby spits up.  

Facing downward or your lap  

This will be perfect if you are feeding him while sitting on a chair or sofa. Simply place the baby with his tummy on your lap in a way that the belly is touching against one of your knees. No secure the baby with one hand and start to pat and rub his back until he burps gently.   

Sitting Up  

Just like you moved her on your shoulder, pick your baby up and gently embrace her, with her chest and belly touching your ribs. This will create pressure, and as you gently pat and rub against her back, the gas will come out. Simple!  

While Walking  

We would suggest that you do this only when your baby has learned some head control. For this, just hold the baby with his back on your side and face on the other. Place one hand on his bottom while the other hand on his tummy and gently press his belly. This will create pressure, and he will release any kind of air trapped in his stomach. 

How Long Should You Burp A Baby  

Burping a baby would not take much of your time and will be a minute or two max. There might be sometimes when you move your baby in an upright position he burps, while there might be some times when you will have to assist him with a gentle pat and rub on his back. 

If you do not want to make this a habit, then you should put the baby to sleep while he is in his crib and not feeding. But if he sleeps while the feed, you should take a minute and two to make him burp and then put him in his crib. However, if the baby still remains uncomfortable in sleep even after he has burped, then you should consult a doctor.  

What If the Baby Doesn’t Burp? 

If you think that air is trapped in your baby’s belly, but you are not able to bring it out by patting and rubbing his back, then you should try some other ways. One of which would be giving your child a warm bath which will make him relaxed and then give him a gentle belly massage. Move your hands gently in the circular motion over your baby’s belly. This will help him soothe up and eventually release any air that is trapped inside. 

However, sometimes the baby just doesn’t need to burp, especially in the night, because they feed slower and do not get any air inside their belly. But if he wakes up in the night, try checking his diaper; if everything alright down there, feed him and try to make him burp this time. 

Wrap Up 

In this article, we tried to tell everything about how to burp a baby. If you have become a mother for the first time, you need to know that burping is essential to keep your child comfortable when he sleeps after a feed. Make it a habit, and your baby will sleep comfortably at night. And if he sleeps, you get to sleep.

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