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Find out why our customers love the Lavendersun brand.

Find out why our customers love the Lavendersun brand.


“I ordered these two outfits from Lavendersun and I can’t wait to dress my lil man in them. They’re super cute and the quality was great too. I ordered slightly bigger than newborn, because I already have so many newborn clothes, these will be for when he’s a few months bigger, and will definitely have a little milk belly by then – haha! “


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“They have super cute outfits and they offer FREE shipping worldwide. Go check them out!”


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“I felt so lucky to have been approached by Lavendersun to collaborate with them and while looking on their site found I was spoilt for choice. It is obvious that from the day Ellie was born I’ve loved having geeky clothes to put her in; Batman/Batgirl, Spongebob, TMNT, Wonder Woman, Star Wars etc and Lavender Sun have a great range of clothing Including some geeky bits like this onesie I have ordered. “


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“When I am shopping for the kids I like to find cute, durable and affordable clothes. Lavendersun is all three of those. The quality of the clothes are fantastic. The dress is a nice breathable fabric that will be perfect for summer, while the unicorn long sleeve is such a soft fabric that Haddie loves it for more then one reason. I have a feeling it will be Haddie’s new favorite shirt. “


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” i came across my Lavendersun and fell IN LOVE with their products. Up to date with the latest trends and just blooming gorgeous. After speaking to the lovely girls there we decided to collaborate and i was sent a couple of gorgeous numbers from there. Not only are they extremely affordable, the quality is amazing! “


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“I always check the price. Our little ones grow up so fast and spending our hard earned money on expensive suit or shirt is not really a practical idea. What I usually do is to hit the sale racks first and see if I have something that I love, in any case if I can’t find any, I look for the nearest and cheapest alternative. But if all else fails, I go to the most practical choice. That is why it was very easy for me to pick an outfit for Sven at not only do they offer the most affordable wear for our cute babies but they also provide the best quality service and product for our little ones. “


“We have been trying out a couple of outfits from Lavendersun. They provide baby and toddler clothing which doesn’t break the bank but it is a bit different too. One thing I really liked about their website when picking out some outfits for Little Lady was their Outfits section. They sort of do the hard work for you and pair together tops and bottoms for you. I really like to be able to buy a whole outfit in one go. I chose the Mama is my Bestie set and then Wild Child set. “


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“At Lavendersun it is very easy to find clothes that baby will not fuss over and relax. From going into retail stores to shopping online. Instagram also gives you previews of what online shops are selling. No matter what, shopping for babies is fun! I know I love it! “


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“When your buying baby clothing and whether you know or don’t know the gender of the baby it can be very limiting on what you can purchase, as most of the unisex clothing is plain and you end up with a lot of the same sort of pieces, or if you do know the gender of the baby you then end up with lots of stereotypical clothing of pink for a girl and blue for a boy, but we found the majority of Lavendersun’s clothing is unisex, you don’t have to be stuck for choice. “


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“I want my children’s clothes to be reasonably priced but I also want them to be good quality. Notice that I said ‘good’ quality and not ‘exceptional’ quality. Their garments don’t have to be bespoke pieces that have been handcrafted with luxury materials. However, I do like them to come out of the washing machine intact. Which brings me to Lavendersun. “

/Priscillia Ben Bella_lavendersun_review

“Yes because it’s nice to be comfortable but must also be cute anyway. But I tried a brand mylavendersun who do very nice things, some with word games, others to be matched … In short, a brand that I recommend and where I would do shopping.😉😍 “


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/Uliana Olson_lavendersun_review

“When you have a kid, 90% of the photos on your phone are baby pics so it certainly doesn’t hurt when your little cutie looks a little extra adorable because of a trendy outfit. “


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/Holly Watkins_lavendersun_review

“There’s no doubt that when it comes to money I am a little bit of a tight arse, I wish my bum was as tight as my purse, #mumproblems. For me, I am always looking for a bargain. Something that is good quality but doesn’t have an expensive price tag attached. “


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College Carlsson_lavendersun_review

“This beautiful baby clothing boutique has so many cute and trendy outfits, with personality and flair, proving that non-gender clothing can still be cool and stylish. They have a lot of fun unisex options which make shopping easy when you don’t know what gender you’re buying for and a few outfits from here has added lots of style to my baby’s wardrobe. Plus, the clothing is super affordable, good quality and there’s even free shipping.”


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Tash Blake_lavendersun_review

“I get most of Blake and Ivyʼs clothes from high street shops such as Next, H&M, Zara, Gap, Primark but I also love online boutique companies and here are a few I would recommend that do really cute bits. “


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Sarah Gregory_lavendersun_review

“Now I loved the baby stuff just as much as well!!! I donʼt actually have a good photo of Axelʼs outfits because he likes to spew all over them before a get a photo .”


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April Bryant_lavendersun_review

“I’m highly pleased and will be ordering from them quite often, especially for their suits! Their clothing matches my wants & needs! Affordability, Durability & theyʼre Adorable! The orders can take 12-20 days to ship to the US so keep that in mind while ordering. I donʼt mind the wait for a great product! Also the shipping is F-R-E-E worldwide! Love me a good deal!”


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Carmen Edwards_lavendersun_review

“Can you imagine finding all of this in one spot? I did at Lavendersun they have so many clothing options from newborn to about 7T. I have partnered with Lavendersun to try out some clothing and it was amazing. I had a fast delivery and the clothing is both adorable and durable.”


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Diana Almeida_lavendersun_review

“If you are like me, they are always looking for the 3 B’s for the clothes of your offspring, peek of the Lavendersun website . It is totally reliable, without any danger and turns and different clothes, good quality and above all, do not assault our portfolio, we keep school savings of pissed !! They will not regret it! :)”


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Mandy Carpenter_lavendersun_review

“Iʼve recently come across Lavendersun company. If you havenʼt heard of them before youʼre missing out! They sell the most gorgeous baby & toddler clothes and all at affordable prices. The most refreshing part is the quality of the clothes! Even though the cost doesnʼt break the bank, it doesnʼt mean that they slack in quality. Far from it!”


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Khaleda Begum_lavendersun_review

“With Eid around the corner why not head over to their site and have a look? Iʼm sure youʼll find something you love, for your little one. They have FREE worldwide shipping on all orders, and currently offering 10% off your first order, plus a free head band for girls! You may just find the perfect outfit! “


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Christine Mosley_lavendersun_review

“Lavendersun offers a ton of cute clothing items for newborns and toddlers (up to 6T). Iʼve included some items below that I absolutely love! Everything on the site is super affordable and on top of that, you get free shipping on all purchases! Score! Looks like Iʼll be spending quite a bit of time shopping around for newborn clothes for when my niece arrives later this month!”


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Chloe Marsh_lavendersun_review

“Iʼll be ordering from them again soon and Iʼd 100% recommend them to anyone else looking to fill their childʼs wardrobe with something a little bit different. A huge thank you to LavenderSun for working with me on this post.”


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Haley Hatcher_lavendersun_review

“If you have a baby or youʼre shopping for one, you have to check out Lavendersun! Happy shopping! “


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Lindsay Chalmers_lavendersun_review

“The other outfit i chose was this two piece. It’s Colourful which i love. Devon loved tracing the patterns on her legging with her finger. The colours and pattern are very stimulating for her at the age where she wants to explore everything. Its a great everyday outfit top and bottoms. Simple design. Again comfy material and fitted perfectly. I definitely loved the outfits we got from Lavendersun and we will be buying again.”


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Jessica Keener-Dragoo_lavendersun_review

“We are huge fans of affordable clothing! As a single mom, I am normally on a pretty tight budget. Ronan is growing so fast it is sometimes hard to keep him in new clothes when he sizes up, as I am the sole provider of our family, so affordable is big! For me, that means $20 or less. “


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Karisha Davies_lavendersun_review

“The only downside I found during my shopping experience with Lavendersun was there were TOO MANY outfits to choose from! Ok, that’s not really a downside, it just meant I had to refrain from ordering every outfit I thought was ADORABUBBLE and trust me, there were plenty.”


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Sini Lansilahti_lavendersun_review

“I was kindly gifted a few items of my choosing by lavendersun. The adorable pink “I get it from my Mama” onesie and head band featured in the pictures tick most of my criteria (I haven’t washed it yet so I can’t comment on durability). The set is comfortable, practical , cute and doesn’t break the bank costing $11.95! “


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Lisa Prescott_lavendersun_review

“I loved the quality and how they are perfect for the sunny days and can be teamed nicely with a t-shirt for the summer breeze. If you are looking for something extra cool to put your children in then you need to visit Lavender Co, you won’t be disappointed”


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Tarun Singh_lavendersun_review

“I had the best shopping experience as soon as I started to browse till the time I received the package in my hands, as they make sure for the best quality of the product.”


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Rebecca cox_lavendersun_review

“With a extensive review on what I look for when shopping for baby clothes be sure to check it out!”


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Sabrina Ziegler_lavendersun_review

“Some comfortable, easy on/off, weather approriate clothes (currently OBSESSED with this little tank romper from Lavendersun — affordable, sooo soft, wonderful breathable fabric for our hot Southern Oregon summers, and a lil extra roomy in the bottom for cloth diapered bums!”


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Lubka Hendry_lavendersun_review

“No matter how you decide to mark the first year – with a unicorn themed reception for all your friends or a pool side party just for your kid’s little friends and their parents, one thing is sure – the outfit is very important.”


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Bonnie Fisher_lavendersun_review

“Independent baby onesie shops, online shops can be so helpful, especially when you’re short on time! We recently quit amazon and we appreciate small, independent onesie shops. Especially when looking for something specific, like the cute matching mama and baby items.”


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Sanja Mujkanovic_Lavendersun_review

“When you have a baby you can see how great is kids fashion. We found such a great site where you can buy cute things.”


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“I recently stumbled upon the cutest and most affordable online boutique, LavendersunCo (I’ve linked the boutique for all you mamas who need to check it out!!!) They do carry more than baby onesies of course, you mamas with baby girls should see all the adorable baby girl clothing! “


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Lauren Borgeson_lavendersun_review

“If you have a summer baby and are in need of some onesies (or know an expectant Mama!), I would definitely check out LavendarSunCo for their fun, trendy baby clothes. . “


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Desirae Ofori_lavendersun_review

“So, final thoughts? I would highly recommend ordering from Lavender Sun. The price point is a winner, quality is on point, and the stylish options are endless! They get a 5 out of 5 in my book! Make sure to check them out for your little ones. “


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Anita Moonsammy_lavendersun_review

“Can we take a moment and just awe over these adorable onesies?! Seriously how cute! Lavender Sun Co. has what you need for baby to be comfortable and stylish. They have everything…from the cutest onesies to pajamas to going out outfits to swim and shoes! They also have baby and toddler sizes! “


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Kelly O'Hanlon_lavendersun_review

“I was introduced to Lavendersun, and online shop that specialises in onesies and other baby outfits, all of which are full of personality. From cheeky slogans to pop-culture references and fun prints, there’s a lot to choose from and, as we don’t know what baby is, it’s great to find plenty of gender-neutral items too. “


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Mamatha Dilip_lavendersun_review

“Lavendersunco sent LittleD this beautiful yet comfy outfit for a review and she loved it. The price was very affordable and easy on the pocket and like the picture says it all she had a blast wearing such trendy outfit without any hassle. The fabric itself was very soft and the color did not bleed after a first wash. “


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Kate nenopoulos_lavendersun_review

“It’s also worth mentioning the quality of the clothing. I love a bargain, but what I have discovered throughout motherhood is that cheaply-made clothes do NOT wash well. This really sucks when your kid goes through three outfits a day and you aren’t a zillionaire (really into the zillions on this blog post) that can afford to just keep buying and buying and buying clothes. “


Jessica Cherry_lavendersun_review

“I love funny onesies! Motherhood/parent life is freaking hard sometimes, and if you can’t ass humor into it, I guarantee you will eventually lose your mind. “


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“Usually when a brand or shop messages me, it’s because they’re interested in spreading awareness to their brand, so I get some sort of copy+paste message with a discount code and requirement to a minimum purchase. I tend to ignore most of these, because my main focus is to form relationships and support businesses I genuinely love. “


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“”5 Type Of Baby Clothing Items Every New Parent Should Have Are you finding best baby cloth for your baby? Then you are right place where you can find 5 type of cloth that need your babies. I’m describing about 5 types baby cloth for you to choose the best one!”


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“The Entrepreneurial Baby, Raise Your Baby to Think Creativity.”


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“Much like the smell of lavender, this small business has the cutest and trendiest clothes for both baby boys and baby girls, as well as toddlers, that will make other moms drool at how stylish your baby looks.”


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“Successful breastfeeding isn’t about where or how you sit, it’s all about being comfortable and at ease in breastfeeding your newborn. This guide will get your latching-on technique right. Having a baby isn’t all about their cute baby onesies or the various different baby clothes. Shopping for trendy baby girl clothes can be fun but as mothers its important to learn the fundamentals such as breastfeeding your child.”


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“It’s important to note that a pregnancy is not all about the cute and wonderful things such as buying baby clothes and it is completely normal to be concerned about your pregnancy and approaching motherhood. Here’s when to stress and when to relax.”


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“Having a baby is not all fun activities such as shopping for funny baby clothes or enjoying lunches with your babies and new mommy friends. Your sleep, disposition, lifestyle are all impacted at the same time. “


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