Brilliant Baby Shower Gifts That Will Make You Lol

What’s more exciting than becoming a mom for the first time? Having children is a blessing. Whenever your pregnancy test comes positive, all of the relatives and friends would rush to your place to celebrate the occasion with you. In some cases, it is named as a baby shower that is a kind of traditional gathering to celebrate the news of the incoming baby boy or girl. But one may wonder what could be the possible unique gifts for the new moms? The gifts must be chosen carefully so that the event is made memorable for many more years to come. The gifts for young moms should be somehow related to the pregnancy event as you might give her a gift like small baby clothing. But it must be mentioned here that the baby shower gifts are meant for the mothers and not for the children.

The gift for new moms that aren’t for the baby can vary greatly, and you can select a huge list of possible gift items. For your convenience, we have accommodated a few of the most unique and innovative possible gift items in the next lines of the article. Let’s have a detailed look.

• Restaurant Gift Card

As the pregnancy gets older, the women find it difficult to take time out for some personal care. They are too busy with themselves that they don’t realize the importance of certain important things. A good gift idea would send her a restaurant gift card that would make her go to her favorite place to have her favorite food. It would not only keep her healthy, but it would also be a source of the fresh breeze of air in her tight-packed schedule.

• Baby-Bottle Warmer

Another wonderful idea is to gift a bottle of warming machine. It would help the parents to heat the baby milk without getting to make much of the efforts. The mother would need rest after the delivery of the child, and in such circumstances, this gift could fit well in the situation.

 Personalized T-shirts

Gifting personalized T-shirts is considered a wonderful idea for occasions like baby shower ceremonies. You can gift a pair of shirts, one for the baby and one for the mother. It can be customized by writing a few funny lines related to the mother and the child. Such statements would help you in making the event and the moments memorable for the pregnant friend. Giving personalized T-shirts with funny statements printed on the front makes these items fall in the category of funny baby shower gifts.

• Baby Book

The list of gifts for young moms can also include a baby book. This book will keep a record of all the child’s initial activities. For example, you can note down the baby’s first-ever words, or you can note the first curse word that comes out of his mouth. You can note down important dates and pictures of the special moments as they would help you keep everything in mind for many more years to come.

• Funny Onesie

The funny gift for new parents can always include a set of funny onesies. These clothing types would contain funny statements or warnings for the new people. The child wearing such an onesie with a warning statement would keep the people away from touching and cuddling with the child without any major need.

• Baby Susher

A susher is a small machine that would produce low pitch noises, just like the baby used to hear in the mother’s womb. It will help the baby in going towards a sound sleep without any major disturbance. Apart from that, it also has another major advantage that the susher would keep all the disturbing sounds away. These could be the sounds of people talking, dogs barking, or the opening and closing of doors.

 Stylish Bibs

Bibs are an important part of an infant’s wardrobe. The list of unique gifts for first time moms can also include a pair of stylish bibs in different attractive designs and tempting colors that would look perfect on the young baby when he is trying to eat the porridge for the first time.

• Owner’s Manual

This is probably one of the best gifts for the pregnant sister. Have you ever seen a baby coming with an instruction manual regarding how to handle me? It might sound strange but exciting at the same time. When a close friend of yours is expecting a baby in a short time, you can gift her an instructions manual regarding the care and handling of the baby. The book must contain all the Dos and Don’ts about how to take care of the infants.

Bottom Line

The list of funny presents for mom goes on and on, but we have only tried to discuss a few of the most unique and funnier ones. Make sure you go through the passage carefully to get an idea about the possible funny baby gifts for the expecting moms. Select the best possible presents for the young lady to make the baby shower event memorable for her in the coming years. Try to go as unique as possible, and you would come up with a lot of modern and innovative ideas in this regard.

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