What to write in a baby shower card? Ultimate Guide

What to Write in A Baby Shower Card?

There are different kinds of parties, but if we say that baby showers are the sweetest of them all, it won’t be wrong. It is a special occasion where friends and family gather to celebrate one of the greatest milestones of the soon-to-be-mom. The occasion where everything is planned, and if you get invited, you must go prepared as well. How to get prepared? Well, getting a kind gift for the baby and writing sweet baby shower wishes on a baby shower card would do the trick.

While writing any baby shower wishes on a card, you might feel extra pressure because the chances are that your card will be read aloud among the guests. But you don’t have to worry anymore. You can write a lot of things in the baby shower card that will increase the pleasure and joy of the event. And we are here to help you with writing baby shower wishes so that the mom-to-be feel all the love and support from you.

Basics of A Baby Shower Card

Let’s start with the basics of writing a baby shower card. First of all, before you write any kind of baby shower wishes, it is important that you write an introduction. Followed by an introduction should come your heartiest baby shower wishes, and then you should sign things off.


For the introduction, you should sit down and think of the relationship you have with the guest of honor. Now, how should you address the mom-to-be? Are you close to her? If yes, then the situation would more likely be less formal, so you can start off by writing the mother’s name.

However, if the baby shower has a theme, then you should try to mimic the theme while you are addressing the mom-to-be. There can be baby showers that are thrown by both mother and father, and if you are going to attend one, then you should write the names of both mother and father at the beginning of your baby shower message. If you are close to the mother and father, you can write dear, followed by a comma. The following are the most commonly used introductions.

  •         Dear (Mom’s First Name),
  •         To (Mom’s First Name),
  •         Dear (Mom’s Full Name),
  •         Dear (Mother and Father’s Name),

By now, you have read about how to start your baby shower message with an introduction. An introduction is a vital part of the message, so you must write it correctly.

Body of the Baby Shower Message

Now that you are done with the introduction, it’s time to come up with a body of the baby shower message. For this, you should first think about some points, write them on a piece of paper and then write your message by keeping those points in front of you. Following is a pattern that will give you an idea about what to write in the body of the message. 

Start by Thanking Them: Becoming a mother is an absolutely unique experience. And if you are invited to share their joy with them, then you should be thankful. Thank them for inviting you and trusting you to be an essential member of the family or friend’s circle. You can also thank them for offering celebratory food and drinks.

Write A Short Story: After you thank them for inviting, you can write a short story in which you can recollect a childhood memory or anything which brought you guys together today on the event. Even if you are at a big baby shower event, you are there because you are an important part of their life. Come up with anything that will highlight the qualities of the mom-to-be and how she will be a great mom and a role model for her kid.

Write Baby Shower Wishes or blessings: Rather than congratulating the parents, or saying “All the best,” write a heartfelt wish or blessing in a line or two, which will always be remembered by the mother, and one day maybe the child will read it as well. Write your heart out, releasing all your warmest wishes and thoughts for the baby and her mother.

Mention Your Gift(s): remember, you are not going to list your gifts just to brag about them. In fact, you need to mention them so that the mother could remember where the gifts came from. There are going to be other people too, and distinguishing your gifts can be quite difficult for the mother if you don’t tell her. You can be creative while mentioning your gifts; write something like, “May the baby have the coziest nights in this baby blanket.”

Warm Closings 

A warm closing right before your signature is like an icing on the cake. You can choose from the following, or get an idea and come up with your own.

  •         Much love to you,
  •         Love,
  •         All my/our love,
  •         Love and cuddles,
  •         Love,
  •         Love you,
  •         Lots of love,
  •         Warmly,
  •         God Bless,
  •         Blessings,
  •         Overjoyed,
  •         So thrilled,
  •         Wishing your sweet times,
  •         Tickled pink,

After Writing Your Baby Shower Wishes

Now that you have drafted the best baby shower wishes and congratulations to the parents and their plus one, now is the time to enjoy the moment. Just sip in the drinks and have a good time. You did your best and curated the perfect baby shower card; now, you can sit back and relax; the baby shower card will surely make the parents go aw.

Wrap Up

In this article, we tried to tell you almost everything you need to know about what to write in a baby shower card. We know writing the baby shower wishes can become a little overwhelming when you don’t have any idea what to write. We hope this article was helpful, and we wish you luck in writing your own baby shower messages.

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