When can a baby have water

It’s always important to know about what to give to your newborn baby for eating or drinking? Every parent would want a smooth development cycle for his child, and it can only be possible if the parents are fully aware of what to give at what time. The quantity of food or drinks is also of great significance here. It has generally been noted and advised that the children should be given breastmilk until he is about six months old. In some cases, this period can even go on for a few extra months. But the question arises when your baby water can?

Generally speaking, the doctors are of the point of view that your infant can have water as soon as he starts eating solid baby food. But there are specific terms and conditions in this too. The main thing is that the babies don’t need water at the earlier stages of their lives, as their nutritional needs will only be fulfilled with the breast milk. So, let’s find out the exact time the baby water cycle should be started for the infants.

Along with Solid Foods

The most appropriate time to start babies’ water is by the time you think he is grown enough to try a few solid food items. It is necessary to include a little amount of water here and there to avoid any constipation issues for the baby. At the start, you will notice that the baby does not take more than a few sips of babies drink. But there is nothing to worry about as the taste is new, and the baby will take some time to adjust. It is advised to give him a couple of water spoons every now and then make him aware of the taste. Once he gets used to the water, he would then drink the desired amount without any hesitation. So, can babies drink water? Yes, they can, as soon as they shift from breast milk to solid baby food.

Don’t Combine with Breast Milk.

During the initial cycle, when the baby’s nutritional needs are fulfilled by breast milk only, it is suggested not to give newborns water. The disadvantage in feeding baby water is that his tummy will be filled with water only, and there would be no more space for the milk that is the source of all the nutrition for an infant. Also, too much water can dilute the percentage of the healthy nutrients, and the baby might suffer from serious health issues. When can I give baby water? This is the most common question that is asked by every young mother. The answer is quite simple and straightforward that you can try the water formula as soon as you plan to stop the breastfeeding cycle.

How much water is needed?

Before we go on to look for an estimated amount of water that should be given to a young infant, it must be clear to the parents that your baby would not get dehydrated as long as his nutritional needs are met. He can only get dehydrated under serious circumstances when he is suffering from stomach disorder. In such situations, the body liquids might get out due to vomiting. Water for an infant should be given in a precise amount as too much water would not do anything good for the child. On average, after the first six months, you should give infants water in only a few ounces per day. Remember, it is not a must to have an item in a baby’s nutritional cycle; in fact, water will help him digest the solid food properly. This practice would develop a familiar taste of water for the taste buds. It will be helpful as the child continues to grow.

Things to Remember

  • There is no need to give infants water before he crosses the six-month mark.
  • An excess of water might lead to a serious health issue known as oral water intoxication.
  • When do I start giving my baby water? The answer is as soon as you decide to stop the breastfeeding process.
  • Water can be served in more than one way. You can use a bottle, straw, or a cup. Usually, in the first year, the baby starts learning how to hold a cup and drink from it.
  • Introducing water before the due time can lead to an imbalance in necessary chemicals. It might also cause a decrease in nutrients as all the space would be occupied by surplus water.
  • Look out for the signs of dehydration, especially when you come home with your baby after spending some time in the hot sun.


It’s always good to do a little research as far as the nutritional needs of your newly born baby are concerned. You have to do a little homework before you decide to consult a doctor every time. As for the answer to the question that when can babies have water? The most appropriate time would be after the first six months of birth when the child is ready to try a few types of solid baby food.

Don’t forget to read some vital instructions regarding this issue that are presented before you in the above lines. Make sure you give him the water in appropriate amounts to help him grow in the best possible manner.

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