How to Clean and Disinfect Baby Toys

How to Clean and Disinfect Baby Toys

Germs are a big concern for parents of babies and the main places where germs lurk are on toys since they often put toys into their mouths, and place their toys in areas that can collect bacteria. And if infants ingest these germs, then that means trouble. They get sick, and that is the one thing that parents want to avoid at all costs. And that means parents are wanting to make sure that they are often cleaning baby toys with Clorox wipes, or any other baby toy cleaner.

The good news now is that parents can finally find ways on how to sterilize baby toys by reading this article

How To Safely Clean Baby Toys

You may have heard that bleaching toys are the best method of disinfecting toys as well as sanitizing toys. The fact of the matter is, that really depends on the material that the toy is made from. Because that one method for disinfecting baby toys may not be the same as another method that is a safe way to clean baby toys. Is the toy made of wood, metal, fabric, rubber, or plastic? That is what makes a difference in how you clean it.

Cleaning Baby Toys Made Of Wood

Your baby’s wooden toy car is dirty and the fact of the matter is that cleaning baby toys made of wood cannot be done by dunking it in water. The only safe way to clean baby toys made of wood is by spraying it with a cleaner of your choosing, and then to wipe it down with a cloth. You can mix warm water in a bottle with a little bit of vinegar to lightly spray it and then wipe it with a paper towel or a cloth, and allow it to air dry after.

How To Clean Plastic Toys

Cleaning plastic toys are not at all that difficult to do. Really, the best way to sanitize toys that are made of plastic is by heating up a pot of water and allow it to start boiling. Then once it is boiling, then add the toys into the pot for 5 minutes and then remove them with tongs and allow the toys to dry off. You can also sanitize baby toys made of pure plastic without any electronics by putting them into the dishwasher and run a cycle. You can put them into the cutlery area and use a mild detergent. That will take care of it.

Disinfecting Toys Made With Metal

There are metal parts on some baby toys and those will get dirty and become full of germs as well. You definitely do not want to put those into the dishwasher because the heat will melt the metal which is not something that you want to see happen. In fact, you can use some bleach when cleaning toys with metal. If you are wondering how to clean toys with bleach, it is very easy to do. What you will want to do is make a mixture of water and bleach, and then you have created a great mixture for disinfecting baby toys that are made of metal. The bleach will not do anything to the metal and it will surely kill off those germs.

The Best Way To Sanitize Toys Made With Fabric

Your baby’s stuffed animals will get dirty, and every time your infant does time for tummy time, there is a good chance that some spit up will end up on the blanket. And cloth books will get dirty as well. This is why it is important to make sure that the fabric gets cleaned as much as possible which is considered to be one of the baby’s toys – and to even treat it like that with blankets that get dirty.

The best way how to sterilize baby toys made of fabric or blankets is by either wiping it with antibacterial wipes if the stain is not too bad or put it in the washer on hot water to remove the bacteria. And if you want to do a deep job of disinfecting baby toys made of fabric then you will want to put it in a lingerie bag and spin it in the dryer for 15 minutes for medium heat. That will help get rid of all of the germs.

Cleaning Baby Toys That Are Meant For The Bath

Bath toys do not get clean in the water during bathtime like you may think. In fact, if they are not cleaned then mold spores will develop and can infect the toys which means the baby will be at a higher chance for developing an infection. This is why when it comes to toy sanitizing, never forget about the bath toys. You may even think that bleaching toys that are meant for bath play are the way to do it. The fact of the matter is not.

You will know how to disinfect toys without bleach that are meant for the bath quite easily. Because all that is involved is by making a solution of hot water and distilled white vinegar, and make it a 50/50 ratio. Then dip the toys in and then clean them off with a cloth. You can also place them in the dishwasher as well the same way you would place plastic toys.

How Often Should You Be Cleaning Kids Toys

There is no need to go crazy about how often you should clean up the toys. It doesn’t have to be done daily unless they are quickly filled up with food or germs from the baby. And that may mean that if your baby has a toy that he or she is constantly placing in the mouth, it may be a good idea to clean it daily.

However, when it comes to toys that the baby is not handling too often but does have contact with enough, you will want to clean toys about once a week. On the other hand, if your baby has been recovering from an illness such as a cold, then you will want to be sanitizing toys quite thoroughly.

The other thing is if you have a playdate and your friend’s baby put your baby’s toys into his or her mouth, then you will want to do a thorough clean up job as well. Also when it comes to toys that have been sitting around collecting bacteria and allowing it to breed, then you will want to do the big clean up job as well.

The way to keep illnesses at bay is to make sure that you are disinfecting toys often because germs do lurk!

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