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Trendy Toddler Clothes to Keep Your Baby In Trend

Lavendersun is the place for the trendiest toddler clothes within the baby industry. What we have tried to do within Lavendersun, is present the trendiest baby clothes for the trendiest baby within your life. We have sizes for every toddler there is and for both boys and girls. Our toddler clothing range includes toddler outfits, toddler shirts, toddler pants, toddler overalls, toddler dresses, and all other toddler clothing. What we at Lavendersun have tried to do is to keep up with the trendiest clothes available within the market but also keep this at an affordable price for all mothers around the world to enjoy. Every month or two we do replace old and sold out clothing and do renew stock with new trendy designs. So, we must warn you to purchase your toddler needs as soon as you can.

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Hip Toddler Clothes for the Hip Cool Kids

Toddler fashion underrated but what we like to say is if it doesn’t cost extra and can look nice then why not. We feel like some of the best memories with your toddler are made when your little child is dressed super nice for the camera. Memories are what get us when the time has passed and we promote making memories. Dress your child nice and create amazing memories with your kids’ trendy clothes.

Funky Baby Girl Clothes have never been so Funky.

Our range comes in different colors and sizes. A Lot of mothers have recently been emailing us about denim baby outfits and toddler dresses, due to this we have tried to present these clothing items within our collection. If mothers out there do have any suggestions on what they are looking for, even being things such as different colors (e.g. red, blue, pink, etc.) or different patterns (e.g. polka dots, stripes, denim, etc.) we would like to know.

Toddler clothing sizes and what we provide.

We have a lot of different sizes for toddler clothing. We have tried to keep to the standard Toddler sizing system and have clothing all from sizes, 2T toddler clothing to 3T toddler clothing to 8T toddler clothing.

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Stylish Toddler Clothes from Lavendersun

We are trying our best to keep the clothing for little kids stylish at Lavendersun, hence why we always keep up with the trends and the latest styles. Always check out our new collections at to keep updated with everything that goes on. When thinking about affordable, high-quality baby clothes, always remember our name. Many mothers always complain about how expensive baby clothes in stores are, hence why we decided to stay online and save on the rent prices, and instead use that money to give back to mothers and provide free shipping worldwide. So not only are our garments affordable but we also offer free worldwide shipping. We also do sometimes have add-ons within our home page with discount codes if you subscribe to our email list.

Need a gift? Why not our chic toddler clothes

Ever been stuck for a gift to buy for that new baby in your families or friends life? Well, you have come to the right place. We at Lavendersun have tried to find the perfect baby items for the perfect baby gifts. Whether it’s a baby shower, a toddler’s birthday or a formal event. We at Lavendersun have it all. Enjoy your shopping. If you’re looking for baby onesies then do check out our funny baby onesies.


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