When should a baby start talking

At what age does a baby start talking? Most of the time, the child would say his first words close to his first birthday, but in many cases, a child tries to speak long before that. The father and the mother of a child would be dying to hear the word MAMA or PAPA for the first time, but they have to be patient with it. It is a long process that might take a lot of months from birth time. Before the baby starts to talk, there are different ways in which he tries to communicate with the people around him.

We all know that the most basic step in this regard is crying loudly with as much power as possible, and that is a symbol of anger or frustration or hungriness and many other things. At a certain age, he starts with incomplete words, and most of the words are commonly used in front of him. The parents would always try to speak certain words with a wish that the child will repeat after him. Even if the baby is not repeating the words, he is going through a mechanism of observation that would teach him a lot more than you can even imagine.

When should your baby start talking?

You would start hearing a few buzzing sounds from the child’s mouth after a few months of his birth. It is due to the vocalizing and verbal experimentation from coos to growls along with a combination of different sounds o vowels and consonants. By the time the child turns eight months old, there are greater chances that he will start joining the words like Mama, Dada, and papa without knowing anything about the meanings of these words. It is the answer to the question that when should a baby start to talk? He should be able to produce some sounds and words when he is about eight months old, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Some children start talking quite late, and that is not a thing to worry about. According to the doctors, it is perfectly normal for the children o start talking a bit late than the usual time.

Further Progress

During the age of 9-14 months, the words of the baby would start making sense to a certain extent. But it is also noted that the kids might not be able to say an understandable word until he is 18 months old. You might observe that he would easily pronounce the words that require no connection of the lips as compared to the words that are pronounced by joining the lips together. This is why the mothers should not be worried or surprised if he starts saying Dada (Dad) before Mama (mom). When do toddlers start putting words together? They might start joining words after ten months from his birth, but the clear and recognizable words might be heard when he is about one and a half years old.

How to engage a child to talk?

As we have discussed, most babies speak their first recognizable words at 18 months, but there is still a lot of homework that needs to be done. A few steps are important that should be taken by the parents to engage their child in a talking process. A few tips and suggestions are presented before you in the next lines of the passage, which would also help you with the answer about when a toddler should start talking? Have a look at a few learning points.

  • Try to converse with your child as much as it is possible. Even though he won’t respond to you the way you want and he would be unable to answer your questions, but still, it will help him a lot in learning the art of words and language as children are mostly keen observers at this young age.
  • Try talking to him by using the few important words that would help in learning more words. Make new sounds and use new words. The kid would try to copy the sounds and the words, which could help him learn a few important words and sounds.
  • After you say something to the toddler, you must wait for a little to wait for his response. He would try to observe the sounds to develop meanings in his mind, and he would try to respond according to his understanding.
  • Teach him important head gestures like the gestures for a yes by nodding the head or an action for a No by moving the head sideways. The children learn sign language more quickly as compared to the words.
  • Say his name on his face multiple times a day, and you will see that at a certain time, he would start responding whenever you call his name.
  • At times, you might come to know that your baby wants to tell you something, but he cannot pronounce them properly. In such situations, his body language and actions might give you a hint or two. For example, if he is moving on his place abruptly while trying to utter a few words, he must be having something exciting to share. On the other hand, if he is frowning with a few words of high pitch, he might be angry at something.

Wrapping Up

When should a baby begin to talk? There is no fixed time for it, and it varies from baby to baby. Normally, the infant would say his first word when he is about 8-10 months old. But it would still take some time till his words would finally making sense. For the parents, they need to engage regularly with their babies by talking to them and waiting for their response. The kids tend to learn a lot of things during the observation process. Apart from that, it is crucial to respond to their words and actions that would motivate them to try some new words.

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