How to stop baby hiccups?

No matter the age, gender or health condition of a person, anybody can have hiccups at any time of the day. But when we talk specifically about the children, we need to show some extra care as they would not be able to tackle it properly if the attack is serious. Newborn hiccups might cause difficulty in breathing that is a dangerous sign for children of young age. There are numerous reasons for infant hiccups that could be tackled by keeping closer attention on a few little things. Let’s have a quick look at the possible reasons behind baby hiccups before we move forward to discuss the stopping measures.

Possible Reasons

As far as the adults are concerned, there are no major reasons for the hiccups, but when we talk about the kids, we might come across a few common factors that might lead towards newborn baby hiccup.

  • At times, the mothers don’t realize that the baby’s tummy is full, and they keep on breastfeeding the child. The baby doesn’t have much sense about when to stop, so the overfeeding might be a major reason for hiccups in the newly born kids.
  • Eating or drinking too quickly can also be another possible reason. It happens when the child is hungry for a longer time than usual, and as early as he gets a chance to eat or drink something, he might be prone to natural hiccups.
  • Swallowing too much air has also been recorded as a major reason for hiccups in a child.

How to get rid of newborn hiccups? The method is not that difficult, after all. The parents just need to focus on a few little things, and everything will be fine for your lovely little kid as far as the hiccups are concerned.

Newborn Hiccups Remedies

Let’s move forward to know about the possible newborn hiccups cures that are easy to apply.

  • Apply a Burp

As soon as you observe that your child is facing hiccups issue, you need to stop feeding him at once and focus your attention on burping the baby. The burp will help the child to get rid of the extra gas that might be a reason for the hiccups. It is also suggested to burp your baby after every breastfeeding session. Burping is effective as it will help the baby to settle in an upright posture.

  • Bring in the Pacifier

We have discussed earlier that breastfeeding is not the only reason for hiccups. So, whenever, you observe that the baby is experiencing hiccups. Naturally, you need to bring in the pacifier as soon as possible. Let the kid such on the pacifier as it will help him by relaxing his diaphragm and may help him with a smooth breathing cycle.

  • Let them handle themselves.

Generally, the hiccups are not considered that much dangerous. You can take a chance for the kid to settle on his own. But if he is not getting back to normal after some time, you can apply one of the techniques mentioned above or call for the doctor.

  • Go for Gripe Water

One of the natural ways to stop baby hiccup is by giving your child some gripe water. It is a mixture of herbs like ginger, cinnamon, and fennel that is thought to be effective in such conditions.

  • Keep him calm during breastfeeding.

Make sure that your baby remains calm during breastfeeding. Usually, the babies feed restlessly when they are a little extra hungry. This restlessness and quick feeding can be a source of hiccups. It is therefore advised not to wait for song long before filling the tummy of your kid.

  • Avoid Heavy Movements after Feeding

Once you are done with feeding your child with the breast milk, lay him down on the bed so that he might digest it properly. Don’t follow it with any heavy movements for the childlike bouncing up and down or high energy play.

  • Don’t panic

Till the first year of the birth, the baby hiccups are a normal part of development. Therefore, the parents must not panic in such situations unless the baby starts vomit ting. Contact the doctor quickly in such sudden situations.

Bottom Line

What to do when a newborn has hiccups? The first step is not to worry at all. Make sure you follow the hiccups with burping or gripe water. Don’t overfeed the child and always breastfeed him in a calm and collected manner. Keep a closer look at your babies after you are done with feeding him. It is usually at such times when the baby might experience infant hiccups.

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