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    Guides — announcement onesie

    Baby Announcement - Our Little Human

    baby announcement

    Baby announcement

    With a baby on it's way it's an exciting with all there is that come with it. There're nothing more fun then announcing it for the first time to friends and family and of course there's the Facebook post an exciting and thrilling moment especially for us millennial's during this social media age. 


    Baby announcement

    Spice up the announcement and make it fun among friends and family! with a cute selection of both baby announcement outfits and baby homecoming outfits there definitely worth a look. We thought it would cute to pair our announcement with a "Player 3 has entered the game" paired with a little ultrasound image and a little cute pear of knitted shoes from Kmart. The response was amazing the post literally blew up but most important it was fun and made the experience that much better.

    Get one for $11.95

    player 4 has entered the game onesie

    But it doesn't stop there for you brave brave mums out there that are bringing in there second one we've got a "player 4 has entered the game" as well so be sure to check that out also.

    Get one for $11.95

    Homecoming outfit

    This adorable New to the tribe outfit features a wanderlust themed vibe super cute! and super trendy for that first Insta shot.

    Get one for $18.95


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