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    When do you have a baby shower ?

    When do you have a baby shower ?

    When do you have a baby shower

    Iv been called by many people and asked this one special question in many different variations, such as , how to throw a baby shower?

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    When should you have a baby shower ?

    Baby showers can be unbelievably special, however promise down all the main points will positively get nerve-wracking. initial and foremost? When is it a good time to have a baby shower. It’s one thing you don’t consider till you become pregnant or will be throwing a mate a shower. Here are a number of pointers to use by, therefore you'll arrange a stress-free and kick-a*s baby shower!

    When to have baby shower?

    Although this can be a private decision that may embrace several factors from physical and emotional to non secular or social, usually folks tend to host a baby shower throughout the trimester. Some opt for the 28-week mark, others nearer to 35-weeks, whereas some go as late as 38-weeks or prefer to have a baby shower when the baby has been born.

    Why do some folks have a baby shower on the first side?

    Many women feel that having a baby shower earlier instead of later, can provide them additional time to organise gifts received (from toys to nappys and clothes), and have time to buy for any further things that weren't checked off the list. the sooner the baby shower additionally implies that the guest of honour can in all probability be ready to travel if the shower is hosted out of city. Plus, she’ll in all probability be in an exceedingly more well-off state, physically, and so a lot of possible to joy from the festivities. However, confine in mind that it's in all probability an honest plan to attend till the 20-week mark, after you have recognized the baby’s gender (if you’re doing that) and therefore the risk of maternity loss is lower.

    Why do others wait till later to host their baby shower?

    If you don’t set up on traveling for your shower, you'll prefer to wait till towards the last stages of the maternity. One positive is that this may allow additional time to stay adding things to your register (there’s not a time where there is a shortage of stuff to add!). Friends and relatives love seeing an expectant mum and her “pregnancy glow” and spherical belly. A later shower may well be an excellent distraction for the guest of honour which could also be obtaining a touch nervous concerning her day of the month. this could go with not saying, however don’t wait too long, or the baby might themselves being the guest of honour, instead of her mum!

    Other factors to consider:

    1. Will or are you pregnant with multiples?

    If you're pregnant with twins (or more), you may seemingly deliver earlier, and it's necessary wamt to remember to keep this in mind once designing a baby shower. maybe you’ll need to host Use the shower within the trimester so it doesn’t coincide with early labour.

    2. have you ever been experiencing complications throughout your pregnancy?

    Similarly, if you have got been placed on bed rest or are experiencing maternity complications (such as preeclampsia), planning your shower earlier can assist you to keep relaxed and revel in the festivities.

    3. are there any major holidays round the time you’re thinking of planning the shower?

    You may need to require under consideration whether or not your baby shower timeframe coincides with any holidays. For some, Christmas may well be the proper time after you recognize most of your family and friends are with each other, while, for others, planning a shower around major holidays may mean costlier traveling prices.

    4. are you having many baby showers?

    If you're aiming to have a shower with friends and family, then a separate shower with co-workers, for example, which will issue into your shower temporal arrangement. Being the main focus of attention is nerve-wracking {for thereforeme|for a few} so you'll need to schedule them nearer along to “get them over with” however allow enough time so you'll alter the written account between the 2.

    5. Would you like to have the shower when the baby has arrived?

    There are a spread of reasons why some folks might favor to wait till when the baby is born to throw a baby shower. perhaps it's a family tradition, or centers on your cultural or non secular beliefs. perhaps you’re irrational or simply don’t need to own a shower till the baby is born or you’re waiting to seek out out the gender. no matter your reasoning, it's dead fine to possess a baby shower when the baby is born. There’s one thing to be same for permitting friends and family to urge a peek at your creation and still be showering you with gifts!

    It’s necessary to find out when to host a baby shower, however don’t let the main points stress you down. bear in mind that a baby shower may be a fun and gala occasion to induce your friends and family along, and perhaps remove some of the burden of shopping for all those baby provides. make sure the folks you actually need return|to return|to come back} are ready to come, and acquire a whole happyness on your special day! shower

    Let me tell you this though, i had my baby shower during the day and i think during the afternoon will be the best time of day for baby shower. Check out our super funny baby onesies for your little one. Enjoy your baby shower ladies.

    What to write in a baby shower book

    What to write in a baby shower book

    What to write in a baby shower book , baby shower message book ideas .

    One of the most requested blog contexts iv been asked to write about is that what to write to a baby boy in a book. These often get written ways like book inscriptions for baby showers or baby book inscription quotes. However you write it, im finally here to help.

    A few years ago, back when baby showers were to be completely female events, addressing a baby shower card was a simple task. Today, the type the kind of baby shower you’re visiting, or on your relationship with the mom or dad and the rest of the family, you would be able to address the baby shower card either to the mother, to the two folks or to the entire family.

    If the baby shower is organized just for the mom-to-be and her girlfriends, you ought to address the shower card solely to the soon to be mother. you'll be able to begin with the classical formulation “Dear” followed by the mother’s name. If you're extremely close friends of the the mother, you'll be able to even use a nickname.

    However irrespective of your relationship with the mother, if the baby shower is going to be a formal event, write the right name of the mother. you must conjointly use the mother’s formal name if you simply apprehend to her in a very pro setting.

    If you're an in depth friend of the couple, address the baby shower card to each folks, mentioning solely their 1st names. you must conjointly address the baby shower card to each folks if the baby shower is organized as a mixed party.

    Make sure the name on the baby shower card match the name written on the envelope, as this is often a vital detail.

    What to jot down within the Baby Shower Card

    Two ladies reading baby shower card
    The most vital a part of the baby shower card is, with none doubt, the body. The content can rely pretty much on the kind of party, further as on your relationship with the mother or folks. The body of a baby shower card ought to be straightforward, summary and clear, however this doesn’t mean it's to be uninteresting.

    If you're an in depth friend or relative, what {you ought to|you ought to|you must} write should travel from your heart. However, if you’re not that real close and might need some inspiration, here are some ideas on what to jot down in a very baby shower card.

    If you're not an in depth friend of the mother, general nice comments like “Wishing you all the greatest life for your family and also for the new arrival!” or “Congratulations on your coming new arrival!” can be glorious ideas.

    Here could be a list of inspiring baby shower card messages:

    “My congratulations and best desires for this exciting new section of your life. prepare for busy days, several sleepless nights and endless love!”
    "Best desires for the approaching birth of your baby. Expect a period of time of happiness and joy!”
    "A really beautiful and amazing welcome to the dear cute little boy/girl that's on the approach. I hope he/she fill your days with fun and happiness!”
    "I would like to wish you all the greatest for the future of your maternity and a secure delivery. Congratulations!”
    "Your home can shortly be crammed with laughter and toys. Your house can usually be a multitude, however there'll continuously be love and joy. wish a lot of happy memories!”If you're really close friend of the mother, the message might even have a funny note.
    Some phrases you'll be able to use for your baby shower card are:
    "A reason for supermarket trips is often smart, and I’m glad to shop for you and for your future baby. Congratulations and best wishes!”
    "Enjoy the last moments of peace. Your life can ne'er be like before once the baby arrives, however you’ll love the change! Congratulations!”
    "If you would like extra space for the time the baby arrives, get rid of your bed. You won’t be needing it for ages anyway. Best wishes and good luck haha!”
    "A baby is on the way… what an excellent excuse to shop! Congratulations!”
    "Here’s our short forecast: a shower followed by a sunny baby! Congratulations and wish you the best!”
    If you're {a very tight|an in depth|a detailed} relative or a really close friend of the mom-to-be, the message written on the baby shower card is a lot more personal. An example of this case, there are several choices to settle on from once it involves what to jot down within a baby shower card. These cards are nice if you would like to transmit thre greatest amount of personal feelings and thoughts to the mother. simply write something you are feeling like whatever you deeply feel. However, if you would like some inspiration, here are some personal messages you may use:
    "I am thus happy for you. I’m certain you’re gonna be a superb mother and that i can’t wait to get to see the small one. understand that i'll be always with you each step of the time and that i expect to be looking at the baby grow and blossom into a young boy/girl. Congratulations!”
    "Wishing you an amazing delivery and a healthy baby boy/girl. i do know that both of you guys will be be amazing folks. I’m therefore happy for you. All the best!”
    "I understand you're a touch upset concerning parenthood, however don’t be. you have got the strength, patience, and confidence required to be an amazing momma. Your life can fully flip , however i'll be by your duty and next to you each step of the approach. The greatest fantastic time of your life is close to begin and trust me, nothing compares to the sensation of holding your baby in your arms. Congratulations and that i can’t wait become friends with the baby!”
    If the mother is a believer of god, you may even write a non secular message within the baby shower card. If the family is Christian, some suggestions would possibly be:
    "God bless you and therefore the baby. Looking straight forward to meeting him/her soon!”• “Every time a baby is born a brand new star of hope lights up the skies. You star can begin shining shortly and a bit of heaven can return all the way down to earth. Congratulations!”
    "From the Heaven on top, God can shortly send you a baby to love!”
    "Babies are little samples of God’s endless love. And so may your baby be a blessing for you and your family!”
    "I’m praying for a secure delivery of your baby. God has blessed you with a touch miracle!”The suggestions on top are all good if you’re visiting a common baby shower, with a mother that had an excellent maternity and that is expecting a healthy baby. however what happens if you’re invited to a baby shower wherever the mother is expecting twins or had a troublesome pregnancy?
    In these cases, you'll be able to merely adapt a straightforward message to suit a more “special” card, however if you are feeling in difficulty regarding what to jot down within the baby shower card, here are some tips you must follow.

    If the mother is expecting twins, it'll be tough to seek out an appropriate card on the market. however whether or not the choice of baby shower cards dedicated to multiple pregnancies is restricted, you'll be able to merely personalise your message to handle this special circumstance. during this case, you may even use a hand-made baby shower card created particularly for this event.

    If the maternity is tough, or if you recognize that the expected baby are going to be born with health issues, bear in mind that your baby shower card is supposed to bring joyful congratulations and optimism. Your words ought to provide a touch of comfort to the new mum and dad and restore their confidence and hope.

    In some cases, a baby shower will even be hosted in cases of adoption. during this case, bear in mind to not build any weird references to birthing. making a wish that the baby inherits the mom’s smile or dad’s eyes will also be inappropriate. A general congratulation message and also the best desires for the new family are the most effective things to jot down.

    How to finish a Baby Shower Card

    Baby book

    Best wishes
    The ending of a baby shower card is additionally vital. depending on your relationship with the mother, you'll be able to finish your baby shower card with a general formulation, like “Best wishes”, “Kind regards”, or “All the best”. If you're that tight with the mother, a better applicable ending would be “Love always”, “With love” or “Hugs and kisses”. These endings are good for all baby shower cards, as well as those written for mothers expecting twins, for adoption or tough pregnancies.

    If the message written within the body was a funny message, you must finish the baby shower card on a similar note. Some ideas, during this case, are: “Rock on”, “Enthusiastically” or “Peace, love and happiness”. For a non secular message instead, you may finish your baby shower card with “Blessings” or “God bless you”.

    Regardless of your relationship with the mother, if the baby shower is formal, additionally to writing a proper congratulations message, you must additionally finish the baby shower card in a very formal approach, with “Yours sincerely” or “Kind regards”.

    As you'll be able to see, writing a baby shower card isn't as sophisticated because it could seem. All you have got to try and do is to inspire yourself from the messages written above, then personalise the one you prefer most. irrespective of your selection, your baby shower card will certainly stand out.

    Have you ever attended a baby shower before? does one have the other suggestions regarding what to jot down in a very baby shower card? If you would like to share your thoughts and ideas with Lavendersun then, leave a comment below. we'd like to hear from you and you may even inspire somebody else.

    Now all you've got to do is to seek out the right baby shower card and gift your congratulations along with a stunning gift. The new momma definately will for sure appreciate it!

    P.s feel free to check out our super hillarious baby onesies if your looking for gift ideas, we have sales going on store wide with free delivery.

    Baby Announcement - Our Little Human

    baby announcement

    Baby announcement

    With a baby on it's way it's an exciting with all there is that come with it. There're nothing more fun then announcing it for the first time to friends and family and of course there's the Facebook post an exciting and thrilling moment especially for us millennial's during this social media age. 


    Baby announcement

    Spice up the announcement and make it fun among friends and family! with a cute selection of both baby announcement outfits and baby homecoming outfits there definitely worth a look. We thought it would cute to pair our announcement with a "Player 3 has entered the game" paired with a little ultrasound image and a little cute pear of knitted shoes from Kmart. The response was amazing the post literally blew up but most important it was fun and made the experience that much better.

    Get one for $11.95

    player 4 has entered the game onesie

    But it doesn't stop there for you brave brave mums out there that are bringing in there second one we've got a "player 4 has entered the game" as well so be sure to check that out also.

    Get one for $11.95

    Homecoming outfit

    This adorable New to the tribe outfit features a wanderlust themed vibe super cute! and super trendy for that first Insta shot.

    Get one for $18.95


    Books You Must Read For New Fathers - Lavendersun

    Books You Must Read For New Fathers - Lavendersun

    Parenting books for new Dads

    Its October and I call October the time of pregnancies and new babies. As I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram I see so many friends becoming new parents and celebrating the birth of their new beautiful child into the world. Throughout the last couple months, I have been reading many book and studies on how early parenting can leave a big influence on how you turned out as a person.  In the first five years of life, your child’s brain develops more and faster than at any other time in their life. [1] Some factors such as socialising skills, confidence, positive tendencies and negative tendencies are built within this time. Studies have shown that sooner fathers begin bonding with their little baby, the happier the forthcoming for the entire family. Fathers which play and interact with their babies from the beginning not only enhance their child's physical and mental progress significantly more than parents which don’t "join in", but hands-on dads also agonize from stress less .[2] "Fathers can attune to their babies, to become familiar with them, their likes and dislikes, and therefore increase their confidence with the baby," insists Helen Hans, a postnatal leader with the UK's National Childcare Trust.

    Reading things like this made me realise the importance of being a good father at the vital times of the baby’s upbringing. So what my aim is to do within this blog is find out what are the parenting books out their to help teach parenting and prepare us for the future of out children. Although there are a lot of different books out there in the market, I will try formulate the best parenting books for dads. Sometimes its not all about the cute baby onesies, or the cute new strollers. Sometimes the basics, the fundamentals are more important than the materialistic possessions.

    So here are some of mine and the internets favourite parenting books for new dads and why .


    Brain rules for Baby, By John Medina is an source of science based clarification of how the brain develops in the initial five years. it's filled with science  explanations and exciting , fascinating  research studies.

    What's going on in there? by Lisa Elliot also a baby brain development book. Written really magnificently. In a unlike league than the other books sold to fathers on child’s development.

    Here are some notable mentions of books that seemed to be very popular and suggest on baby and parenting pages on reddit.

    Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy

    Happiest Baby on the Block

    Baby-Led Weaning

    Simplicity Parenting

    Raising Lifelong Learners

    Siblings Without Rivalry


    I want to leave with a closing quote and wish all you new dads a happy and amazing journey .

    “You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.” ―Walter M. Schirra, Sr.


    Love Team Lavendersun










    Baby Halloween Costume Ideas - 2018

    Baby Halloween Costume Ideas - 2018

    Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

    I know Halloween is coming and its time for them cute Halloween baby photos. At this time, all my blogger mummy friends are searching for ideas asking questions like ,hey girl do you have any  infant girl Halloween costume ideas , or hey Susie i need  baby Halloween costume ideas . I thought writing a blog would be the best thing i could do . So your baby;s first Halloween is important.  Times like this make memorable moments . Like i said in my last blog, i really believing in cute baby photos and cherishing these memorable photos . This sometimes does mean creating your own cute baby Halloween costumes or even funny  Halloween costumes for kids . 


    I'm here to help . Here are some really cool affordable costume ideas that you can make at home .

    Lego Kid

    The first idea is for the cute toddlers out there.

    This costume is super cheap to make and only need some cardboard and paint to create and will probably cost you less than 10$ . Cute Little lego kid costume . Check out the tutorial to how to make this costume .

    Adorable Gandhi

    My next favourite cheap costume find on the internet was this adorable Gandhi baby costume. Looks like all you need is some brown/purplish material, a strap of white material and some cute beads.

     We at Lavendersun have tried to make it easier for our mommy family to find costumes if they don't have time to make it at home . We have added a new collection to our  Baby and Toddler Halloween Costumes .


    Here are my favourite three favourite costumes that we sell.

    The first one is this cute Haunted toddler dress .


    The second favourite costume is this Nightmare halloween 3 piece set . Its a super cute halloween outfit for your little baby girl which includes a matching onesie , skirt and headband .


    My Third favourite is this super cool Day of dead dress for your little baby girl. This dress is just both beautiful funny and slightly scary to fit the Halloween theme .

    Do you have any cool halloween ideas you want to share? Make sure to comment below your suggestions.

    Team Lavendersun

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