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    Baby Halloween Costume Ideas - 2018

    Baby Halloween Costume Ideas - 2018

    Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

    I know Halloween is coming and its time for them cute Halloween baby photos. At this time, all my blogger mummy friends are searching for ideas asking questions like ,hey girl do you have any  infant girl Halloween costume ideas , or hey Susie i need  baby Halloween costume ideas . I thought writing a blog would be the best thing i could do . So your baby;s first Halloween is important.  Times like this make memorable moments . Like i said in my last blog, i really believing in cute baby photos and cherishing these memorable photos . This sometimes does mean creating your own cute baby Halloween costumes or even funny  Halloween costumes for kids . 


    I'm here to help . Here are some really cool affordable costume ideas that you can make at home .

    Lego Kid

    The first idea is for the cute toddlers out there.

    This costume is super cheap to make and only need some cardboard and paint to create and will probably cost you less than 10$ . Cute Little lego kid costume . Check out the tutorial to how to make this costume .

    Adorable Gandhi

    My next favourite cheap costume find on the internet was this adorable Gandhi baby costume. Looks like all you need is some brown/purplish material, a strap of white material and some cute beads.

     We at Lavendersun have tried to make it easier for our mommy family to find costumes if they don't have time to make it at home . We have added a new collection to our  Baby and Toddler Halloween Costumes .


    Here are my favourite three favourite costumes that we sell.

    The first one is this cute Haunted toddler dress .


    The second favourite costume is this Nightmare halloween 3 piece set . Its a super cute halloween outfit for your little baby girl which includes a matching onesie , skirt and headband .


    My Third favourite is this super cool Day of dead dress for your little baby girl. This dress is just both beautiful funny and slightly scary to fit the Halloween theme .

    Do you have any cool halloween ideas you want to share? Make sure to comment below your suggestions.

    Team Lavendersun

    TOP 10 Creative Baby Clothes Submissions

    top 10 creative baby submissions

    Funny baby onesies - Shits and giggles onesie

    funny baby onesies 

    Funny baby onesies

    Shits and giggles because life is too short, in this insanely cute funny baby onesie add a splash of humour to your little one wardrobe.

    Cute toddler dresses - Ice cream dress

    toddler girl dresses 

    Toddler girl dresses

     Hot days, cold days ice-cream the universal cure to all your problems. Whats better then eating up a scoop of our fave ice-cream then eating it while also wearing the perfect dress kill two birds with one stone right.

    Baby girl outfit - Mini boss outfit

    baby girl outfits

    Toddler girl outfits

     A little sass goes a long way, the new mini boss in this lovely 2 piece toddler outfit set with a leather skirt to match the role so much more better. 


    Cool baby onesies - Best friends onesie

    Cool baby onesies

    Baby boy onesies

    Walking down the streets with his best pal and favourite onesie i mean whats better then that. 

    Cute baby girl outfits - Floral themed outfit

    Cute baby girl outfits

    Baby girl outfits

    I can speak for all mums when i saw that i've been waiting for the days when i can finallly dress them now you can with a range of the cutest baby outfits

    Homecoming baby onesies - New to the tribe onesie

    homecoming baby outfit

    Baby homecoming outfit

    There're nothing better then dressing him or her in one of these cute homecoming sayings when showing him or her off to the entire family. Makes it that extra special and fun.


    Creative baby onesie - Started from the belly now i'm here onesie


    creative baby onesie

    Cute baby onesies

    An awesome baby onesie for that perfect insta shot with your little one. Mix it up grab a onesie with an awesome saying and try to make it fun and interesting because that's what motherhood all about right.

    Baby boutique for your every needs at Lavendersun with wide range of baby clothes. As a mother it's one of the many great and fun things about raising a newborn enjoy it all as it comes and fun with it.

    Creating memories of the cutest moments with cute baby onesies .

    Creating memories of the cutest moments with cute baby onesies .

    The time has come , its time to celebrate your new child or friends new child in the world. Today we have decided to share with you on our tips to creating cute memories .

    We know that as a mother you want to make ever lasting memories with your beautiful young new creation into the world. This can be done thankfully to technology . With quick access photos and videos , we can not store memories forever perfectly.

    As a mother myself, i always thought about how i could make my baby photos more cute and memorable . Of course the cutest thing to a child is the child themselves, their adorable face and the smile that lights up every mom's world. But sometimes a little extra makes it a little extra cute :) Of course I'm going to say cute baby onesies and cute baby clothes makes a difference . Sometimes dressing up your baby in themed clothing can make a super cute photo.

    Here is an example of a mother blogger we have collaborated with before and these are the pictures.

    Here is Megzies cute photo of her child . Its super cute and creates a memorable beautiful photo, which she can always look back at and smile . Here you can see within her photo she has contrasted the image beautifully with the black and white theme making the babies face the focal point of her photo . Genius !  And how adorable are the addition of the headphones on her babies ears  , which obviously relates to the cute baby onesies text which is a cute play of words on  Drake's lyrics . And finally how adorable is her cute little baby . Awwwwww . Its the memories that matter the most in life . Btw , do check out our beautiful friend Megzies blog , shes a beautiful mom blogger .  And 

    I hope this has added a little motivation to you mommies and a little sparkle of addition creative ideas .Now go out there and create them memories .And enjoy your time at Lavendersun  , your favourite online baby boutique .

    Team Lavendersun.

    Top 2018 best and funny baby onesies

    funny baby onesies moments

    It’s important when shopping for baby clothes that you have some fun in the process don’t just buy plain colored outfits, onesies or baby rompers mix it up. We have tons of awesome funny baby onesies sayings they’ll literally be the talk when seen by anyone. So here’s our top 10 picks:

    1. Even gangstas need sleep

    Gangsta napper onesie

     Get it here - Gangsta napper onesie


    2. Life's too short

    Shits and giggles baby onesie

     Get it here - Shits and giggles onesie

    3. Breakfast of champsions (I had boobs for breakfast what did you have onesie)

    I had boobs for breakfast onesie

      Get it here - I had boobs for breakfast onesie

    4. Just popped right out

    Straight outta mommy onesie

      Get it here - Straight outta mommy onesie


    5. The best of the best

    I am so loved onesie

      Get it here - I am so loved onesie

    6. Got my mind on the one and only

    got my mind on mommy onesie

      Get it here - Got my mind on mommy onesie 


    7. The kiddo of the house goodbye to the next 9 years

    Boss baby onesie

      Get it here - Boss baby onesie

    8. Chilling with the homies

    best friend onesie

     Get it here - Best friend onesie

    9. She's on fleek

    i get it from my mama onesie

     Get it here - I get it from my mama onesie


    10 Funny baby onesies that every mother wants.

    10 Funny baby onesies that every mother wants.

    So when you meet a new mother , there are 4 words that you will hear her repeat over and over again. These four words will last for maybe 1-2 years and will also chew up your credit card. Are you ready to hear these words? BABY ONESIES and BABY SETS. I can not tell you how much my new mum friends ramble about buying baby onesies and about the new purchases they've found.

    I have gone through our website and have chosen my favourite funny baby onesies and will share with you why i have chosen these.

    So here it goes, the 10 onesies that ever mother wants.


    10. Gameboy Onesie

    This cute baby onesie is my number 10 favourite baby onesie. I was a 90's kid and loved gameboys myself so when i see this onesie it brings me happy memories.



    9. I'm not crying i'm ordering dinner onesie.

    Listen here, this is pure truth but my little baby wont stop crying especially at dinner times. So this little onesie really struck out to me and made me laugh. This was my number 9 favourite funny infant onesie.

    8. Be a pineapple onesie

    I myself am really into the self development scene and when i looked at this awesome baby onesie deeply i realised the message behind the text really resonated to me and is how i want my little boy to grow up to be. Standing tall, wearing a crown and still being sweet on the inside.

    7. Mummy's little muggle onesie

    I only have one thing to say. I love harry potter and that is my justification for this super cute and hilarious baby onesie.

    6. Got my mind on mommy onesie

    Truly genius, a cool play of words on classic rap lyrics however replacing the word money with mommy because babies love their mommy's. 


    5. Get milk or cry trying

    Im sure you all know but this funny baby onesie is a play of words of 50 cents movie and the famous quote, get rich or die trying. However in this play of words, if your baby doesn't get milk he or she will cry trying haha. Which is totally true.



    4. The force that awakens you onesie.
    I don't know about you but the one thing that wakes me up more than my alarm clock is my little baby, the true force behind me waking up all the time.


    3. Tomato vs Mustard Onesie

    Do i really have to explain myself on why i chose these onesies as third? These are so cute that they are hilarious .

    2. Lets Avocuddle onesie

    So i spoke to the sales team and they told me that this onesie is one of the most sold cute baby onesies on this website. That must not be a coincidence that its one of my favourite onesies iv seen. The play of words with avocado and cuddle is super cute and funny.

    1. Straight outta Mommy onesie

    This is by far my favourite funny baby onesie. Its so cute but so gangster at the same time. I am a 90's child as iv said, and listened to a lot of cool gangster songs like Straight Outta Compton, and this little onesie looks cute and always brings a smile to my face .




    These were my top 10 picks for funny baby onesies, feel free to comment below and let me know your favourite onesies. I'm curious.

    Thanks for reading
    Signing off
    Jane Douglas ( Team Lavendersun )