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    10 Funny baby onesies that every mother wants.

    10 Funny baby onesies that every mother wants.

    So when you meet a new mother , there are 4 words that you will hear her repeat over and over again. These four words will last for maybe 1-2 years and will also chew up your credit card. Are you ready to hear these words? BABY ONESIES and BABY SETS. I can not tell you how much my new mum friends ramble about buying baby onesies and about the new purchases they've found.

    I have gone through our website and have chosen my favourite funny baby onesies and will share with you why i have chosen these.

    So here it goes, the 10 onesies that ever mother wants.


    10. Gameboy Onesie

    This cute baby onesie is my number 10 favourite baby onesie. I was a 90's kid and loved gameboys myself so when i see this onesie it brings me happy memories.



    9. I'm not crying i'm ordering dinner onesie.

    Listen here, this is pure truth but my little baby wont stop crying especially at dinner times. So this little onesie really struck out to me and made me laugh. This was my number 9 favourite funny infant onesie.

    8. Be a pineapple onesie

    I myself am really into the self development scene and when i looked at this awesome baby onesie deeply i realised the message behind the text really resonated to me and is how i want my little boy to grow up to be. Standing tall, wearing a crown and still being sweet on the inside.

    7. Mummy's little muggle onesie

    I only have one thing to say. I love harry potter and that is my justification for this super cute and hilarious baby onesie.

    6. Got my mind on mommy onesie

    Truly genius, a cool play of words on classic rap lyrics however replacing the word money with mommy because babies love their mommy's. 


    5. Get milk or cry trying

    Im sure you all know but this funny baby onesie is a play of words of 50 cents movie and the famous quote, get rich or die trying. However in this play of words, if your baby doesn't get milk he or she will cry trying haha. Which is totally true.



    4. The force that awakens you onesie.
    I don't know about you but the one thing that wakes me up more than my alarm clock is my little baby, the true force behind me waking up all the time.


    3. Tomato vs Mustard Onesie

    Do i really have to explain myself on why i chose these onesies as third? These are so cute that they are hilarious .

    2. Lets Avocuddle onesie

    So i spoke to the sales team and they told me that this onesie is one of the most sold cute baby onesies on this website. That must not be a coincidence that its one of my favourite onesies iv seen. The play of words with avocado and cuddle is super cute and funny.

    1. Straight outta Mommy onesie

    This is by far my favourite funny baby onesie. Its so cute but so gangster at the same time. I am a 90's child as iv said, and listened to a lot of cool gangster songs like Straight Outta Compton, and this little onesie looks cute and always brings a smile to my face .




    These were my top 10 picks for funny baby onesies, feel free to comment below and let me know your favourite onesies. I'm curious.

    Thanks for reading
    Signing off
    Jane Douglas ( Team Lavendersun )

    Child Entrepreneurs and Teaching the Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Child Entrepreneurs and Teaching the Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Kids and fun

    When you think about your childhood, the first things that come to your mind are playing under the sun, with friends and creating and inventing new games and getting your baby boy onesies dirty in the mud. However, as time has passed, new technology has developed which has led to the kids of this generation finding fun through pre-made games and staying indoors all the time. As parents, we have a huge role into developing our kids future, by things that we do on purpose or even things that we do by habit. We want our kids to become those successful child entrepreneurs. This can be done consciously and unconsciously by encouragement of certain qualities which your child presents. There lies an evident difference between playing indoors on phones and playing outdoors with nature and using creativity to create new games. This has now led to younger children to lack both creativity and risk-taking behaviour. These are necessities for becoming child entrepreneurs and having the entrepreneurial spirit. Creativity and risk-taking behaviour are crucial for kids to develop a future entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. By playing games at home, they lack the fundamental risk-taking skills and learning that failure exists, and one can bounce back from failure.

    What should parents do?

    As parents, we have a duty into making our kids live a life and push them towards certain direction, however, due to difficulties and the lifestyle changes, we have become helicopter parents that worry too much and fearful parents. As an example, when your child wants to put his shoelaces on, don’t try speed the process by doing their shoelaces for them, give them time and let them learn. Teach your child to be optimistic and not fearful of failure. Teach them these essentials on the entrepreneurial spirit and to become child entrepreneurs and not to be fearful of failure. Let your child take small risks, let them play outside, and grow their young creative minds. When your child fails, don’t quickly help them, let them learn to embrace failure knowing that they can conquer it, even after they have failed. Kids these days may have become, stronger faster, fearless however they lack the entrepreneurial side. Creativity and risk taking.


     These activities should be encouraged:

    • Playing games outside
    • Music class
    • Drama class
    • Art classes
    • Chess
    • Creativity
    • Optimism
    • Risk taking behaviour
    • Embracing failure
    • Encourage entrepreneurial spirit and to lead them towards becoming child entrepreneurs

    Don’t forget, that entrepreneurs that make it within Silicon Valley usually have 2-3 previous fails.

    Encourage creativity.

    Entrepreneurial child